Issue 01 2017

In focus Change

Why we do it, how we do it and what has so many of us resisting it.

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Prologue Everything stays different-
A prologue by Michael Weinreich

Life equals change. This knowledge was summed up by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus in the simple formula panta rhei – “everything flows” – ­over 2,000 years ago. Of course, complaints about too much change are just as old.

Change People like the sense that they have a home - An Interview with Kenneth Eishold

Ever wonder why change sends some people into a terrified frenzy but has others poised and ready for action? Psycho­analyst Dr Kenneth Eisold has the answer and tells it like it is.

Change LEGO - A change of heart

LEGO, one of the most popular and well-known toys the world over, was on the brink of bankruptcy and suffering an existential crisis in 2004.

Change More than a facelift
- the relaunch-process of "pay"

Change is multifaceted and reaches a level deeper than most would expect. See the work involved in infusing top-level changes into pay magazine.

Change Going to SEED - The payment industry is going through significant change

The payment industry is going through significant change, and cash is on its way out as technology comes up with faster, simpler and more secure ways to pay. But, with so many options emerging, which new methods are set to bloom?

Change Flawless

Plastic surgery is one of the more radical ways to make a transformation. It is also big business around the world. pay takes a look at the countries in which nips, tucks and augmentations are all the rage.

In Practice Honda Bank - Precision work

Honda Bank estimates the probability of loan payment defaults using standardized scorecards in Germany and Spain. The scoring process is continuously adapted to general conditions, always ensuring the bank can quickly and carefully assess credit approvals.

In Practice Blood sugar, test magic
blood sugar measurement in europe

arvato Financial Solutions is helping the pharmaceutical company Abbott to market a new blood glucose monitor in Europe via the Internet, the telephone and at trade shows.

Change Data overload

In our digital and technological lives today, we are constantly bombarded with information. But pay is here to help you sift through it all and bring you all of the things you did not realize you wanted to know about change.

In Practice Risk yes,
uncertainty no

“The loss that is unknown,” claimed the Roman philosopher Seneca, “is no loss at all.” However, when it comes to new customers, companies can accurately calculate whether they will cause a loss or not and how high that probability is. For telecommunications companies, this capability means they can increase their income without assuming additional risk.

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