Issue 01 2017

In focus Loyalty

It can’t be bought, it has to be earned –
in business, at work and face to face.

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Prologue Demanding
and informed

A prologue by
Michael Weinreich

Customer loyalty, it is said, is a rare commodity today. Modern consumers seem to be fleeting, fickle beings: if they see a better offer elsewhere, they’re off.

News News in brief

News from the pay team

Loyalty The trouble
with fans

Football supporters are as faithful as they come, but their dedication isn’t always returned. Their clubs are often more interested in profit, and certain other fans are only in it for themselves. pay talks to Michael Brunskill of the Football Supporters’ Federation about fan issues in British football.

Loyalty Keep on trekking

Cult show Star Trek has been around for nearly half a century, and it seems bizarre to imagine the sci-fi scene without it.

Loyalty Saviours from within companies

Three unusual company histories

Loyalty From bleak to bonnie*

Scotch whisky is known the world over. Perhaps even more spectacularly, international consumers have a very specific and homogeneous image of this product. How has the umbrella brand created such a broad and loyal consumer base?

Loyalty Courting
the millennial

Born and raised in the digital age, the millennial is often presumed to be a flighty customer. Yet their loyalty can be gained – by understanding and catering to their needs.

Loyalty Up in the air

Frequent flyer and air-mile programmes have long been a loyalty incentive for customers all over the world. pay goes off radar to discover the weird and wonderful in this industry.

In Practice Wide, wide world
Customer management at 1&1

1&1 has reported impressive international growth rates for years and is vigorously pursuing its expansion strategy. In order to ensure that financial results remain positive, the telecommunications service provider monitors and manages customer payments centrally.

In Practice Safer than houses. Literally.

Securitization had bad press during the financial crisis of 2007-08. But done in the right way, securitization of receivables offers companies an alternative financing method at an attractive price. BayernLB relies on arvato Financial Solutions to increase the security of such instruments.

Data Overload Welcome to
Loyalty Islands

Far, far away where the beaches are white, the sea turquoise and pirates bury their treasure under palm trees, lay Loyalty Islands. pay has imagined what loyal life on the isles named by British swashbucklers in the 18th century could be like…

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