Issue 03 2016

In focus #likeaboss

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Prologue Superheroes among us

A prologue by Michael Weinreich, CEO arvato Financial Solutions on people, heroes and managers

News News

Current news in brief, reading tips and tidbits of information from the pay editorial team

#likeaboss No managers need apply

Holacracy is an organizatio­nal system with neither job titles nor managers. An interview Brironni Alex from the Holacracy Implementation Team at Zappos, the e-commerce retailer

#likeaboss Five alternative management theories to holacracy

Managing people is tough! pay presents some other, older, management theories if holacracy hasn’t convinced you

#likeaboss Manipulation

Knowing and getting the most out of your team according to four types of team member by Prince and Figliuolo

#likeaboss From zero to hero

Courageous bosses who swoop in and save their organization in various ways

#likeaboss The good, the bad … and the clinically insane

Making it to the top is tough. Is it something only for the clinically insane?

#likeaboss Cultural differences

Business environments are strongly influenced by the national cultures in which they find themselves. How do different societies impact management?

#likeaboss Egobesity

pay presents eager self-promoters and their enormous projects (their egos)

#likeaboss Four crazy leaders through time

Leaders who would have allegedly had us all saying “that be cray” from the days of ancient Rome to Gaddafi in the present day

In Practice FinTech – greater than the sum of its parts

The rise of financial technology and what it means for the financial industry

In Practice A conversation about FinTech

Two experts on opposite sides of the fence talk about the latest trends in the financial industry

Data Overload The office Christmas party

From spreading gossip to having a hangover the next day: facts and figures on the office Christmas party

Data Overload Insurance and office Christmas parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas time! And with the Christmas party looming, pay has the insurance low-down for you

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