Issue 01 2017

In focus Remix

The building blocks of inspiration are all around. Remix = copy, transform, combine.

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Prologue Stolen goods
a prologue by
Michael Weinreich

Ideas often already exist, but they are adapted, transformed and combined in new ways. However, brands are challenged to find their own niche. What does that mean for companies?

News News in brief

News from the pay team

Remix Is your mind blown yet?

From fruit flies and three-parent babies to superhumans and dinosaurs: remixing is crucial to genetics. pay gets a lesson in cutting-edge biology from Thomas Hankeln, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Mainz.

Remix Fixing up a FROSTA

How the ikeahackers movement was born.

Remix Teacher’s new pet

In going online, education resources have become open. This new, growing mine of information provides material that can be reused, redistributed, remixed and revised by teachers, learners and researchers alike.

Remix Creativity, Recreativity

Remix in art

Remix Swagger Jackers

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” How true is this claim of companies’ products and business concepts?

Remix Remixing in the start-up scene
an interview with
Ralf Belusa

Dr Ralf Belusa was sixteen when he founded his first company. pay talked with him about remixing in start ups.

Remix Can’t get this out of our heads

Modern music remixing became popular in the DJ pults of the 1970s and mainstream in the 1980s. pay presents some of the remix giants since then.

In Practice By the book

Debt collection in the United Kingdom has undergone a number of changes since April 2014, when the Financial Conduct Authority came into force. What has arvato Financial Solutions been doing to meet the FCA’s strict requirements and keep up with market needs?

In Practice digital account check
a sneak peek

Loan applicants often have to wait weeks for a decision. With the digital account check, arvato Financial Solutions is offering a service that obtains the information required for the application in real time from online sources, considerably speeding up the process.

Data Overload The remix festival guide

By now, it should be relatively clear that remixes are about more than just music. But were you aware that remix festivals also cover a broad subject range? Data Overload presents a selection of festivals that you probably never knew existed, and may never visit.

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