Issue 01 2017

In focus Reputation

The digital world changes everything: likes, comments and interaction are the new way of managing a reputation.

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Prologue Reading minds
a prologue by
Michael Weinreich

Germany has overtaken the USA as the most popular country. That revelation confused a great many Germans: Where did their country’s sudden popularity come from?

News News in brief

News from the pay team: Ready, steady, take-off! Mobile payment, espresso! Promising signs and a helping hand.

Reputation Reputation rehab

The first step to recovery? Admitting you have a problem. This applies to you if you aren’t taking care of your online reputation – default rules over design on the Web. pay talks to online reputation manager Simon Wadsworth about cleansing, controlling and curating an online presence.

Reputation Richard Nixon:
sorry, not sorry

"I would say only that if some of my judgments were wrong – and some were wrong – they were made in what I believed at the time to be the best interests of the nation," said Richard Nixon as he became the first and only President of the United States to resign from office following the Watergate scandal and a reputation in ruins in 1974.

Reputation Reverse it - flip it
ʇı dılɟ - ʇı ǝsɹǝʌǝɹ

In 2010, Andrew Horner was fed up with unsuccessful job hunting and created a “reverse job application” in which he inverted the job search process and invited companies to apply to him through his website. pay was amused by this.

Reputation Fallen from grace
damaged reputation

Lance Armstrong, Charlie Sheen, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Justine Sacco: They were successfull, they were heros, they have risked everything and lost a lot.

Reputation Credit where credit’s due

Credit bureaus have a bad reputation. They are considered to be lacking in transparency and untrustworthy. Yet they are indispensable to the economy.

Reputation “Credit bureaus are a warning system”
an interview with Frank Schlein

An expert interview with Dr Frank Schlein who joined arvato Financial Solutions as Managing Director of Risk Management in January 2014.

Reputation Who’s afraid of ...?

Animals, especially ugly, dangerous or scary ones, often get a bad rap. But there are many ways in which they actually help humans and the environment. pay presents some animals that don’t deserve their bad reputation.

In Practice Sony Music
bopping to a new tune

In an increasingly digitalized world, Sony Music has gone from record company to a music-based entertainment company that sells multiple products through many channels. To streamline the supply chain and meet its financial needs, the company has outsourced its financial services to arvato.

In Practice
Dubious email adresses

Experiences with e-commerce show that orders from dubious email addresses more frequently result in payment defaults than those from reliable addresses. The new eMailCheck from arvato Financial Solutions identifies low-quality email addresses and reduces risk in online sales.

Data Overload The world’s worst hotel

"Data Overload" takes a look at random facts about reputation. In this issue, pay chose to make the backdrop the worst hotel in the world. After all, in an increasingly digital age, customer comments and recommendations play an important role in business – and hotels, especially, are dependent on or damned by reviews.

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