Issue 01 2017

In focus Tempo

Technologies are being developed at breakneck speeds, and our surroundings are getting ever smarter. Is this change a good thing for humankind?

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Prologue "Being available anywhere and at all times"

A prologue by Frank Kebsch, CEO Arvato Financial Solutions.

News News

Current news in brief, reading tips and tidbits of information from the pay editorial team.

Tempo “And then I gave Brad Pitt a good beating”

Whenever a Hollywood blockbuster is up on the silver screen, Evangelos Grecos isn’t far away. The German stuntman, who has had his share of fights with a number of stars, talks about his fast-paced job and his normal everyday life: falls from heights of 35 metres.

Tempo Corner Shop 2.0

Digital revolution aside, retail’s future can only be better when both the online and offline worlds join forces.

Tempo Record Breakers

On tempo! We take a look at speed records from around the world, fast and slow.

Tempo Just calm down

Always higher, faster and further? What about slowing down instead?

Tempo Timing is everything

Reacting quickly, being creative in addressing the latest events and being well prepared in introducing one’s own brand message: nothing is left to chance in real-time marketing.

In Practice Second-Hand Items can help save the Day

Customer relationships can sometimes be difficult. How do you create a positive customer experience despite this and maintain a long term business relationship?

In Practice Everything’s on track

Since 2014, the German Legal Services Act has set regulations for collection agencies about their comprehensive obligations for disclosure and supplying information.

Data Overload Data never sleeps

Everything was better in the good ol’ days? Hardly. Many things are much faster and easier today. pay takes a closer look at how things have gotten better.

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